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Ebook Guide To Interviewing People As A Journalist...



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“This guide to interviewing is tremendous fun, with some genuine insight into the whole process. Fascinating stuff and properly amusing, too. Brilliant!”



With a great sense of humour and a sharp ear for the telling quote, Jason Arnopp is an interviewer who always gets the goods. Read and learn”

 – ANDREW HARRISON (Editor of Q and former Editorial Director of MIXMAG and SMASH HITS)


Boy, I wish this book had been around when I started out. You can buy it direct from the author and I'd advise new journalists to do so”



Want to learn how to interview people as a journalist?


Maybe you’re curious about the methods journalists use when interviewing people.


Maybe you're a pro in need of a refresher course, perhaps with a few new thoughts thrown in.


Either way, the acclaimed ebook How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else will be your guide!


Jump straight to Amazon UK or Amazon US if you'd like to read the details there.  The ebook is also available in a Triple Pack of ePub, Kindle and PDF files, direct from the author, via this PayPal link (the files are automatically e-mailed to you after payment.)


Drawing on 23 years of experience and with over 1000 interviews behind him, Jason Arnopp aims to tell you everything he knows about interrogating the great and good. While Arnopp has spent these decades interviewing celebrities and rock stars like OZZY OSBOURNE and Doctor Who star MATT SMITH for the likes of HEAT, DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, Q, SFX and KERRANG!, the vast majority of the principles described here will also apply to ANY journalistic interviewing task.  You need this book in your toolbox!


Written in an engaging, conversational style, How To Interview... packs in over 28,000 words of practical wisdom. You’ll learn about the craft of interviewing, all the way from deciding how you’ll record your interviews, to devising questions, to dealing with various types of interviewee, to writing and editing your article.


Beyond that, however, you’ll get a real feel for what it’s like out there on the front-line. The surprises which PR folk may spring on you when you arrive to conduct your interview. The challenge of getting a reluctant, or even downright angry, interviewee to warm to you and open up. Even what to do when you realise that your recording device has failed to record the interview!


Author Jason Arnopp with Ozzy Osbourne

Sections in the book include the following:

  • Three Things You'll Need To Refer To During The Interview
  • Five Qualities That Make For A Good Interviewer
  • Seven Ways To Set Your Interviewee At Ease
  • The Eight Types Of Interviewee
  • Fandom Vs Professionalism
  • The PR Establishes A No-Go Area
  • Can An Interviewee Ever Become Your Friend?
  • Underhand Tactics & Grey Areas
  • Becoming A Fly On The Wall
  • The Dreaded Roundtable Interview
  • Alcohol
  • Nightmare Situations
  • Transcription: A Necessary Evil
  • How Verbatim Do You Need To Be With Those Quotes?
  • The Structure Of An Interview Article
  • 50 Handy Interview Questions

Author Arnopp even throws in a personal guarantee. If you buy this book and are left with questions, he’ll answer them via a account exclusive to purchasers!


Learn the journalistic SECRETS of interviewing, with this incredible, indispensable volume!


So how much will 23 years of experience cost you?


If you sat Jason Arnopp down in a bar and bought him drinks, while relentlessly quizzing him on everything he knew about interviewing people, leading scientists calculate that it would cost you upwards of...


Bar Price: £60/$96!


(Including nuts.)


However, the ebook is way cheaper than this - and easier on your liver.  Yes, the actual price of How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else is just a TENTH of that pub total.  It will cost you a mere...


Actual Book Price: £6.34/$9.99!


You can buy the book direct from the author, in a Triple Pack of files to suit everyone (PDF, Kindle/mobi and ePub).   If you'd like the Triple Pack for £6.34/$9.99 - exactly the same as the Amazon price - please click this link to pay with PayPal - you can use various credit cards, easily and quickly.  You don't even need to be a PayPal member.  The author will send the Triple Pack to your PayPal-registered email address ASAP.


This book is also available through various Amazon sites around the world.  Amazon is selling the Kindle Edition, which will play on Kindles (surprisingly enough), iPads, iPhones, Android, PC and Blackberry.  There are various free apps which will allow you to read Kindle books on those devices, including Amazon's own free web app version which can be perused here.


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Author Jason Arnopp with legendary former Doctor Who, Tom Baker!All of these Amazon sites allow you to download a free sample of the book, including the Acknowledgements, Table Of Contents and Introduction. It's sent to your wireless device as if by magic!


Read the glowing Amazon reviews!  And here are some more reactions to the book:


If you ever interview people for print or web, it should be an essential part of your reading list”

– Scott Matthewman (Online Editor and Digital Project Manager, The Stage - his five-star review of the book can be read here).


“Jason Arnopp is one of those ludicrous, funny people who manages to get the most reticent of stars to tell him things that they really shouldn't. As a journalist, he is blessed with a remarkable bedside manner. He might be able to teach you a thing or two

– Phil Alexander (Mojo Editor-In-Chief and former Kerrang! Editor).


It was my very happy experience to work with and read Jason Arnopp for a number of years on Kerrang! Jason's interviews were always funny, smart, passionate… blah, blah, blah. But one singular thing marked him apart in his field – he had the invaluable ability to ask the unexpected question that caught both subject and reader off guard, and unfailingly meant you found out something new about whomever he was interviewing. That allowed me to forgive him for such mishaps as being foolishly pictured looking like a Satanic teddy bear in a kimono and being, quite accurately, christened 'Lady’s Hair' by metal icon Max Cavalera

– Paul Rees (Q Editor and former Kerrang! Editor).



“I'm very glad I bought it; having just re-entered the world of writing (I lost my way in my teenage years!). It has given me confidence and techniques to go about better journalistic interviewing and writing, and I hope to employ what I've learnt when writing for my university newspaper and website! Thank you - very great value for money!”

– Imogen Watson, reader


I've just done my first music interview, and I don't think it would have gone even marginally as well if I hadn't read this ebook first. I'm starting out in the big bad world of journalism with zero formal journalistic qualifications under my belt, so help like this is utterly invaluable. Every budding journo should buy this book”

– John Nugent, reader


How to Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne and Everyone Else

Author Jason Arnopp with Catherine Tate as Foul-Mouthed Nan!


Jason Arnopp maintains the How To Be A Journalist site, featuring articles and interviews of interest to the aspiring journalist.  You can see it here.


Arnopp also runs a scriptwriting site called 'INT. JASON ARNOPP'S BRAIN - DAY/NIGHT'.  You can navigate to that one by clicking here.


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